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Proud to announce that my book, Sharp Leadership: Overcome Adversity to Lead with Authenticity is now available for purchase.

Sharp Leadership is for those who: 

  • Have been counted out 
  • Faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles
  • Felt stuck in their circumstance

Sharp Leadership inspires and offers strategies on how to: 

  • Lead from an authentic place
  • Overcome adversity with sanity 
  • Form a tribe of supporters
  • Make every circumstance a learning opportunity

Thank you for your support!

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The vision or purpose of this 3 part series is to demonstrate to you with some practical applications, how you can become a much more powerful and influential leader by serving others. By focusing on Other People’s Needs (OPN), I will get my needs met in the process. If I am clear on what my needs are, and if I can communicate them effectively to others around me, then I will get my needs met over time. You will understand the importance of making sure that your team or troops are taken care of properly and how that translates into better team results and loyalty. Being able to allow others to help you, when they are able to, is a gift. Some strong leaders refuse this help, and it can reduce the leaders effectiveness. You will get a clear picture of how you are spending your time by utilizing a tool to help you to adjust, your current time commitments.

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