“…He draws on over 20 years of real life experience. Carl will help provide an organization with the road map to be successful in the future. “
— Mike Harris, Director of Human Resources, Batesville Casket Company


Executive Coaching:
Do you have some high potential young managers that you have not had the time or the resources to develop them, but you do not want to lose them to the competition?

Do you have a seasoned manager, that is very knowledgeable about the business, but has poor interpersonal skills, and is causing people around him/her to be less productive?

If the answer to any of the questions above are yes, then the managers described are ideal candidates for our one-on-one customized coaching process which targets specific behavioral outcomes that are guaranteed.

Organizational Development:

Are you struggling with, how best to take your current and future resources, and maximize the output of your organization for improved results?

Productivity Improvement:
Does the leadership in your company use a consistent decision making/problem solving approach that brings results to the bottom line?

If your answer is no, then our proven problem solving techniques will provide the steps needed for managers to positively impact the bottom line.

Team Building:

After experiencing the team building event, your team will be focused, supportive of each other, and each team member will have an action plan on how they contribute to the future success of the team

Are you missing some of the unique value added contributions of some of your staff members, and other employees also?

Strategic Planning:
Do you need to create the vision of the future, and then be able to develop concrete action plans to link the future with the present?

Goal Setting:
Do you have clear and quantifiable personal and business goals?

Private Coaching:
Have you spent the necessary time, energy, and resources needed in order to develop your future and current leaders?


Carl provides his audience with tangible takeaways, peppered with inspiring stories that cause his audience to take action. To find out more about Carl's speaking topics, and request him to speak, click here

“The executive coaching provided by Carl Sharperson, was very effective
in identifying the individual strengths and developmental needs of my team.
This individual coaching process helped to enhance the overall successes of my staff…”
— Ted Gee, Director of Manufacturing, Harley Davidson Motor Company